Together for Sustainability: A Standardized Approach to PCF Calculations

Together for Sustainability (TfS) presents a unified approach to standardizing Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) calculations to empower both chemical companies and their suppliers to assess and communicate environmental impact. Explore how you can leverage the TfS PCF guideline for a standardized and streamlined approach to PCF data exchange.

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What is TfS?

Together for Sustainability (TfS) is an industry-leading initiative driven by chemical procurement specialists. Each TfS member is dedicated to building sustainable chemical supply chains, meeting regulatory requirements, and responding to the needs and expectations of society. TfS members are chemical companies representing a global annual turnover of over €800 billion and a global spend of more than €500 billion in the chemical industry.

Components of the TfS PCF Guideline


Reporting Principles

This chapter presents the five GHG accounting principles: relevance, completeness, consistency, transparency, and accuracy. These five principles are primarily intended to guide the implementation of the GHG Protocol Standards and the assurance of inventories. These principles are also used to assess the uncertainty in reported data.


Guidance on Scope 3.1 Calculation

This chapter focuses on assessing Scope 3.1 emissions. It presents guidance on how to process activity data, identify and evaluate emission factors, process input data, the Target Baseline recalculation, and provide further accounting and reporting requirements.


Specifications for Suppliers' Product Carbon Footprint Calculation

The requirements for suppliers' product carbon footprint calculations are covered in this chapter. The overall purpose and scope of a PCF are introduced first, followed by the principles for calculation. Notes regarding PCF reporting and information about PCF calculation verification are included in the chapter's conclusion.

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