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Our story of transforming
Carbon Accounting

Since our inception in 2021, our team is dedicated to enabling accurate measurement of Scope 3 carbon emissions. We work towards replacing industry-average based calculations with more accurate supplier-specific data.

Our secure platform is helping suppliers of all sizes to confidently share verified information with their customers to build carbon transparency. Opening our platform to partners, we work to make carbon transparency secure and seamless.

Our values —


Planet-market fit

We are working towards a macro-challenge faced by our planet and our focus is to deliver customer value in this context, keeping in mind how our work impacts planet at the same time


Bias for action

We believe in being agile and having urgency towards taking action. We prioritise short term execution, and believe in outcomes no matter the underlying uncertainities



People at Carboledger are humble and create an inclusive environment for all. We aren't wedded to how we currently do things - lot of our current practices will turn out to be wrong.



Humans hate complexity, and so does Carboledger. We believe in distilling ideas, information, problems and solutions to simple consumables

How we operate —



We have built a trusted solution for sharing emissions-level data seamlessly. We take care of data governance and legal agreements, providing 100% control over the shared data.



We lead with a genuine interest in people, ideas, and the unknown. We work hard to understand other points of view, and prefer investigating to being right.



We embrace ambiguity and view setbacks as opportunities to sharpen our skills.



We embrace decision-making in cases of unclear ownership, either making the call ourselves or collaborating across the necessary teams to drive an outcome.

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