Supplier sustainability management

Engage with suppliers at scale to create sustainable products

Carboledger’s technology helps businesses move beyond reporting to engage with suppliers for reducing risks and creating deeper relationships for building sustainable solutions

Supplier sustainability management

Access trusted and verified data at scale

Carboledger’s solution helps companies move beyond industry average data to accurately perform Scope 3 emissions and PCF/LCA calculations. Our unique model ensures you have access to accurate and verified data useful for critical business decisions


Automate workflows

Engaging with suppliers on sustainability issues is time-taking due to varying levels of supplier maturity. Carboledger’s AI-enabled solutions create powerful automations to engage with suppliers in a personalised and customised manner


Advanced analytics

Carboledger integrates competitors, suppliers and customers data to derive insights into supply chain risk and opportunities for sustainable product development. With actionable insights, Carboledger helps business continously differentiate from competitors and grow business

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Invite suppliers to collaborate
on unified digital platform

Seamlessly engage with suppliers on Carboledger’s digital platform to reduce your risks and access accurate data for business decision making


Proven technology

Carboledger is an award winning solution and has successfully deployed PCF Data Exchange solutions for Fortune 1000 companies


Best customer service

Carboledger is a customer-focused organisation determined to create differentiation and business value for your organisation. Reach out to one of our experts to access the case study of our past work

Frequently Asked Questions

Carboledger's Supplier Sustainability Management solution empowers businesses to streamline and improve the management of their supplier sustainability performance and create sustainable products.

Carboledger’s solution is built with powerful automation to help you engage with suppliers at scale. Unlike other platforms, Carboledger doesn’t require your suppliers to be on same platform to share data. Carboledger is WBCSD PACT conformant, making it interoperable with multiple solutions such as SAP, Salesforce, SiGreen etc. Learn more.

Carboledger offers various tools to simplify data collection by automating data collection workflows to streamline the data collection process, reducing manual effort. We support multiple standards such as ISO, WBCSD PACT, TfS etc. to collect data in different formats. This enhances the data integration capabilities by integrating seamlessly with existing procurement or ERP systems.

Carboledger’s Supplier Sustainability Management solutions are ready to deploy. Schedule a demo or talk to an expert to discuss how our Supplier Sustainability Management solution can help you achieve your sustainability goals."

Develop sustainable solutions
leveraging supplier relationships

Carboledger’s supply chain sustainability solutions are designed to help businesses create sustainable differentiation of their solutions portfolio. Our award winning solution is trusted by Fortune 1000 companies. Reach out our experts to learn more