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Carboledger™ is on a mission to enable collaboration across global supply chains to leverage product sustainability data for business growth
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Primary supplier-specific data exchanged
tCO2 Equivalent of emissions under management
$200 billion
projected new demand for sustainable products

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business case for sustainability

To meet the rising customer demand for sustainable products, new opportunities are waiting for businesses to unlock new value. Carboledger’s digital solutions are designed to help businesses grow the portfolio of sustainable solutions.

Carboledger is the winner of
PAN Finance Award 2024

We have been honored with the prestigious PAN Finance Award for
PCF Data Sharing Platform of the Year 2024.

It’s time to advance
Beyond Reporting

We launched Carboledger in 2021 with a vision to accelerate world’s transition to 100% sustainable materials. Markets have presented a $200 billion unique opportunity to create solutions good for planet and profits, and digital solutions are a backbone to make the most of this.

In our journey of creating enterprise grade digital solutions, we have helped Fortune 1000 businesses leverage sustainable for business growth and create differentiated value.

Our experienced cross-functional team with over 20 years of experience in sustainability, technology and business development provides you with the right tools, services and processes to make sustainability a profit centre in your organisation.
Lavanya Pawar


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Purvish Shah - COO & Co-founder
Purvish Shah

COO & Co-founder

Nikha Garg - CTO & Co-founder
Nikha Garg

CTO & Co-founder

Celine Ruben-Salama - Advisor
Celine Ruben-Salama


Alexander Ehrnrooth - Advisor
Alexander Ehrnrooth


V. Nandkumar - Advisor
V. Nandkumar


Credible scope 3 emission reporting depends on establishing a carbon ledger, such as Carboledger, that balances across all the trading parties as reliably as their
 trading accounts

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