Customer sustainability management

Exceed your customer’s sustainability expectations

Carboledger’s software enables effective collaboration with customers to identify sustainable product development opportunities and conduct commerce for sustainable products in a trusted manner

Customer sustainability management

Grow your sustainable solutions portfolio

Carboledger’s technology enables businesses to effectively communicate the business value of sustainable products to customers. With AI-enabled automations, Carboledger creates a self-serve experience for your customers to explore niche offerings


Exceed customer expectations

With growing customer interest and demand for sustainable solutions, Carboledger helps you stay ahead of competition with latest market insights and predict customer interest to inform sustainability strategy


Decarbonise profitably

Carboledger’s collaborative solutions help you align your sustainability goals with your value chain partner and create new opportunities for sustainable product development, helping to grow market share and reduce emissions profitably

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Leverage digital technology for
differentiated customer experience

Customers in today’s era are taking data-driven decisions. With Carboledger’s digital experiences, you can empower your customers with accurate data on demand through self-service portal and identify opportunities for differentiation


Proven technology

Carboledger is an award winning solution and has successfully deployed PCF Data Exchange solutions for Fortune 1000 companies


End-to-End solution

Carboledger’s Customer Sustainability Management (CSM) framework is an end to end solution that helps you collaborate both externally and internally


Built for enterprises

Carboledger is built on secure and cloud technology aligned with leading standards such as ISO and GDPR which ensure business continuity and long-term growth

Frequently Asked Questions

Carboledger's Customer Sustainability Management solution is a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to empower businesses to exceed the sustainability expectations of their customers and grow revenues.

Carboledger helps organizations excel at CSM with the CSM Framework, which comprises transparency, trust, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Our digital solution enables seamless collaboration with your customers and helps you grow your portfolio of sustainable products.

Traditional business processes for customer engagement do not involve nuances of sustainability topics. Using a Customer Sustainability Management solution, businesses can streamline teamwork between account managers, sustainability experts, and marketing teams to meet customer goals.

Carboledger’s Customer Sustainability Management solutions are ready to deploy. Schedule a demo or talk to an expert to discuss how our Customer Sustainability Management solution can help you achieve your sustainability goals."

Take a customer-centric
approach to sustainability

It is time for enterprises to leverage sustainability move beyond reporting and unlock the $200 billion opportunity of sustainable materials to grow market share. Reach out to an expert at Carboledger to learn more