The most secure
platform to share
PCF data

Carboledger platform enables you to effectively communicate product level sustainability data with your customers, maintaining data security and standardisation across the value chain.


Product sustainability data is underutilised

Product sustainability data plays a crucial role in value chain decarbonisation. However, due to data confidentiality and resource constraints for calculations, the true potential of the valuable information remains underutilized.


Legacy data formats are leading to high estimations

Data sharing in formats such as emails and PDFs make it difficult to access, understand, and extract insights from product level data, hampering its effective use and informed decision-making.


Data interoperability and confidentiality concerns

Lack of standardized data formats creates complications for different tools to collaborate effectively and hinder the seamless sharing of data.


Benefits of Carboledger Platform


Primary data points shared

2 million+

tCO2e emissions data part of the platform

Seamless data interconversion

Seamless data interconversion

Carboledger helps you effortlessly convert PCF and LCA data between various formats. Regardless of the software your customers use, Carboledger ensures data compatibility by seamlessly transforming it into the required format.

Unlock insights, collaboration, and engagement

Unlock insights, collaboration, and engagement

Access powerful analytics and calculations from your data, showing your sustainability progress. Easily handle requests, work together with other teams, and showcase progress to customers.

Share data instantly

Share data instantly

Carboledger comes ready to use, equipped with industry-standard formats such as ISO 14067, TfS, and WBCSD PACT. You can start sharing your PCF data with customers from Day 0.

Total data control

Total data control

Manage customer access effortlessly using a single interface, equipped with features like access controls, end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, access logs, and strict unauthorized access restrictions.


Share your PCF Data securely

Achieve carbon transparency in a secure and seamless manner by becoming part of Carboledger