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Carboledger is the preferred platform for PCF/LCA data exchange by Fortune 1000 companies

Keep your customers happy

Collaborate better
Share LCA and PCF results interconverting in multiple standards like ISO 14067, WBCSD PACT, etc.
Respond faster
Reduce customer wait time with fast workflows and digital automation with your customer’s IT systems.
Build trust
Provide credible data to customers to mitigate green-washing risks and identify innovation opportunities
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Switch to a better way to 
collaborate with customers and suppliers

Interoperability and automation
Multi-format support
Customer engagement tools
Collaborative content/report creation
Greenwashing risk indicators
AI enabled insights for business growth
Emails / Industry platforms

Privacy protection

Carboledger understands the sensitivity of business data and commits to data privacy and protection for businesses of all sizes


Case management, customer requirements, market insights and more are all built in Carboledger to help you grow your sustainable solutions portfolio

Advanced analytics

Carboledger brings internal and external stakeholders together, across business units and locations, reducing data silos and unlocking deep insights

Carboledger is the winner of
PAN Finance Award 2024

We have been honored with the prestigious PAN Finance Award for
PCF Data Sharing Platform of the Year 2024.

Carboledger™ embeds 
sustainability across the business

Sustainability teams

  • Efficiently support business teams to meet customer demands
  • Save time by aligning with multiple standards
  • Analyse competitor and customer’s sustainability performance to provide strategic insights
  • Drive product leadership for sustainable chemicals

Account managers

  • Track customer demands and industry trends
  • Increase win rates for sustainable products RFPs
  • Identify new product opportunities and build customer-centricity
  • Develop and execute sustainability-focused strategies across key accounts

Procurement teams

  • Automate data collection of sustainability data helping you save time to focus on important tasks
  • Collaborate with sustainability teams to create and execute sustainability strategies
  • Identify and connect with sustainable solution providers
  • Reduce time to market for new sustainable solutions portfolio

Our impact

Primary supplier-specific data exchanged
tCO2e emissions under management
Designed for sustainability leaders
Approach sustainability beyond regulations for business growth
Trusted by Fortune 1000 companies

Enterprise-grade data security

Carboledger is the first PCF/LCA Data Exchange platform to be ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR Compliant. Learn More

Engage with your customers to achieve their sustainability goals with Carboledger™

Develop compelling and credible data-driven sustainability narratives
Grow your business through increased customer satisfaction
Digitalise and scale your customer experience
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Credible scope 3 emission reporting depends on establishing a carbon ledger, such as Carboledger, that balances across all the trading parties as reliably as their
 trading accounts

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Seamlessly integrate 
with existing systems

ERP, Carbon Accounting, ESG Reporting software

LCA, PCF automation software

Microsoft Suite - SSO, Sharepoint, Outlook, OneDrive

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