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The Sustainability Spotlights podcast series is dedicated to convening leading sustainability experts to explore the most pertinent challenges of our time. We delve into contemporary sustainability trends, the future's potential hurdles and opportunities, as well as the pivotal role of technology in advancing our journey toward a sustainable future.

Meet the host

Lavanya Pawar

CEO, Carboledger

Lavanya is a dedicated climate change expert with a strong background in climate sciences and chemical engineering. She holds a Master's degree from Columbia University and has devoted her career to both mitigating and adapting to climate challenges.


Featured Episodes

Episode #2 ft. Dr. Shaibal Roy, SSL Momentive Performance Materials


This episode explores how digital solutions play a pivotal role in addressing and managing the rising need for product-level sustainability data. Joining us in this session is Dr. Shaibal Roy (Sustainability Strategy Leader, Momentive Performance Chemicals).

Episode #1 ft. Marilyn Johnson, Chief Sustainability Leader, Arxada


This episode explores how enterprises strive to meet the growing demand for product-level sustainability data and how digital solutions are pivotal to manage the problems at scale. Joining us in this session is Marilyn Johnson (Chief Sustainability Leader, Arxada).

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