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At Carboledger, we believe in collaboration to unlock innovative solutions and drive positive change. Our partnerships are more than alliances; they are strategic relationships built on shared values, mutual growth, and a commitment to making a meaningful impact.


Why partner
with Carboledger?

Data interconversions

Carboledger’s automations ensure seamless data conversion across formats tailored to supplier data needs of your customers

Efficient data flow

Carboledger reduces manual efforts for data exchange, minimising delays to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency

Seamless integrations

Carboledger API enables data exchange within ESG, Carbon accounting or LCA software, streamlining data collection and analysis

Actively partnering with

Sustainability software vendors
Sustainability consultants
Third-party verification providers

Partnership benefits

Scale your impact
Enhance your service delivery speed and digitalise your business by collaborating with multiple enterprises through Carboledger
Unlock the value of accurate data
Integrate with Carboledger’s API to enable carbon accounting using accurate data for your customers

Solutions offered
for partners

API integrations

Seamlessly integrate your software solutions with Carboledger’s APIs to empower your customer’s net zero journey with accurate supplier data
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Carboledger provides access to standardised primary data across leading formats, fostering transparency and informed decision-making
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Verified supplier data

Every data accessed and shared through Carboledger API is third-party verified, enhancing credibility and trust
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Empower your customers with accurate and verified supplier data by partnering with Carboledger