As a vital component of modern infrastructure and innovation, the steel industry plays a crucial part in our global progress. Notably, about 40% of steel is produced through recycling, making it the most recycled material globally. This remarkable recycling rate highlights the potential for reducing the environmental footprint of steel production and underscores the steel industry's contribution to a more sustainable future.


Our Solutions


Product Carbon Footprint Automation

Carboledger offers a secure platform to maintain full ownership of your data and manage stakeholders with external access. Our automation tools provide secure management of product carbon footprint data, ensuring confidentiality to meet regulatory demands. Our solution ensures your compliance with ISO 14067 for accurate PCF calculations.


Carbon Border Tax Projections and Optimization

Our platform streamlines the process of data exchange with minimal resource expenditure to meet customer demands. With our tools, you can accurately project and optimize carbon border tax costs for steel products, complying with CBAM and other carbon border tax regulations for easy navigation of the changing regulatory landscapes.


Secure data sharing

Carboledger ensures secure data sharing for effective database management compliant with ISO 27001. Our platform empowers you to gather, store, and manage vital data for life cycle assessments, guaranteeing the accuracy needed for environmental impact evaluations.


Primary data integration

Our solutions are in compliance with ISO 14064 guidelines for the measurement and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. With our platform, you can seamlessly integrate primary supplier data into your existing LCA/PCF calculation software. It is designed to increase primary data share for accurate Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) calculations, where organizations can refine their Scope 3 emissions calculations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Carboledger is a platform where enterprises can share their standardized product carbon footprint data with their customers. Our secure platform helps enterprises be transparent with their product carbon data while maintaining full control over data confidentiality.

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Yes, you can share the PCF data of all your products with all your customers, whether or not they are on the Carboledger platform.

You can Share your PCF Data securely with any of your customers, even when they are not on the Carboledger platform.

You just need to know the email address of the customer to share PCF data through Carboledger. Once the data is shared, there is a two-factor authentication at the customer’s end to verify the email address before they can access the data.

You can add data in any standard or bespoke format. The platform not only extracts the relevant information but also converts the data into a standard format for sharing with customers.

If you are entering data directly into Carboledger, there are fields based on ISO, TfS, and PACT. However, if you are uploading a calculation file, there is no prescribed format.

You can share data in any bespoke data format that the customer has asked for, or you can share the data in one of the standard formats available within Carboledger, such as ISO, TfS, WBCSD PACT, and others.

Carboledger platform is compliant and certified for global data security measures. You can rest assured that your business data is 100% safe. It is so safe that even Carboledger cannot see it. Only those email addresses to whom you have provided access to the data by sharing will be able to see the data. This access is limited for a specified duration if you choose.

Yes, you can. Just as Carboledger platform can be used to share data with your customers, you can equally well request PCF data from your suppliers through the platform.