Elevating logistics supply chain transparency with iLEAP

iLEAP aims to enhance emission transparency efforts by integrating logistics data with product-level information. Explore how you can boost supply chain transparency with iLEAP.


What is iLEAP?

Launched in 2023 during Smart Freight Week by the Smart Freight Centre, the Integrating Logistics Emissions and Product Carbon Footprints (iLEAP) project aims to revolutionize supply chain transparency for emissions. This initiative specifically supports shipping and logistics industry in their decarbonization efforts by providing them with clear insights into their product's carbon footprint.

iLEAP's vision


Integrating logistics data

Traditionally, integrating vital logistics data with product-level information has been hindered by a lack of clear and consistent standards. iLEAP tackles this challenge through an industry-wide approach.


Emission transparency

iLEAP promotes transparency in emissions data throughout the logistics chain, empowering shippers with the information they need to make informed decarbonization decisions using a common data framework.


Global emissions exchange

The project strives to establish a global standard and data model for a sovereign logistics emissions exchange platform, facilitating seamless data exchange and collaboration.

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