Are you searching for a complete dataset for your PCF calculation?

Access verified
primary data for
PCF calculations

Carboledger helps companies access verified primary emissions data from suppliers, reducing dependency on industry average datasets.

Are you searching for a complete dataset for your PCF calculation?

Integrate primary data

Carboledger seamlessly integrates primary supplier data with your existing LCA/PCF calculation software, helping companies increase their primary data share for more accurate PCF calculation, and make their Scope 3 emissions calculations more accurate.


Accurately track Scope 3 emissions

Leverage Carboledger's data sharing network to gain visibility on your real Scope 3 emissions and engage with your suppliers for a sustainable value chain. Visualize impact of supplier sustainability on your business.


Automated and audit-ready

Carboledger integrates supplier-data with bill of materials and purchase registers to perform audit-ready Scope 3 emissions calculations.


Calculate carbon tax implications

Carboledger analyses your Scope 3 emissions data to calculate tax implications of cross-border adjustment mechanisms (CBAM) to future-proof your business.

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Accuracy and
Speed combined

Empowering companies with real and verified data is at the heart of what we do here at Carboledger. All our solutions are focused on helping you save costs and build clarity on your real emissions, in real time.



Carboledger is interoperable with your existing digital solutions, making it simpler for you to access primary data from your customers and automate your Scope 3 calculations.


End-to-end solution

Carboledger's solutions empower your supplier to share verified data with you. Our holistic solutions ensure smooth tracking of data requests, legal negotiations and data access for simplified Scope 3 emissions calculations.

Differentiated product positioning based on accurate, standardised data

No longer do companies need to search for product specifications of bespoke chemicals. Carboledger will coordinate with suppliers and provide access to primary data.