Have you calculated the PCF of your products?

Unlock PCF Data's Value with Carboledger

Carboledger's technology empowers you to securely share data, allowing your customers to easily utilise it in their preferred format.

Have you calculated the PCF of your products?

Unlock insights and calculations

With Carboledger, your customers can unlock powerful analytics and precise calculations from your PCF and LCA data. This empowers you to showcase your progress in sustainability performance.


Seamless team collaboration and request management

Carboledger streamlines request handling and fosters seamless collaboration between customer-facing business teams and internal departments, including R&D. Stay on top of customer requests and ensure effective communication and coordination within your organization.


Direct customer engagement

Empower your customers with access to track your product's PCF Improvements over the years. Share essential documents like PDS, SDS, and other supporting materials directly through Carboledger.

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Efficiency and
Security personified

Being transparent with your customers empowers business growth. At Carboledger, we value your data and our solutions are designed to help you be transparent with 100% confidence.


Secure and trusted

Carboledger ensures your sensitive and confidential data is always protected. Our data sharing technology is compliant with global regulations, maintaining the authenticity and integrity of your data to enhance your customer relationships.


End-to-end solution

Carboledger is built as a unified interface for all your customer and regulatory requirements for sustainability data sharing. We manage all aspects from request validation to legal negotiations under one roof, integrating with all your systems seamlessly.

Enhance your customer relationships through secure transparency

Share data in a secure and timely fashion, in a standardised format that your customer can use right away. Our streamlined and updated PCF inventory, along with automated request management, shortens the turnaround time for requests.