Have you helped your customers calculate their PCFs?

Deliver higher value to
your customers

With Carboledger integration, you can empower your customers to share and collect verified data securely.

Have you helped your customers calculate their PCFs?

For auditors/assurance providers: Scale your reach

Enhance your service delivery speed and scalability by collaborating with multiple enterprises through Carboledger. Securely share and access verified data to streamline your auditing and assurance processes.


For consultants: Secure recurring contracts

Empower your clients to enhance customer engagement by sharing PCF data with their own customers. As they progress, your clients will find value in returning for more projects, fostering long-term partnerships.


For ESG / Carbon accounting software solutions : Unlock the value of accurate data

Enable carbon accounting using accurate data for your customers by directly providing supplier-specific emission factors inside your carbon accounting software.

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Efficiency and

Carboledger enhances efficiency and collaboration for carbon solutions providers, optimizing your engagement with customers.


Streamlined processes

Carboledger streamlines your operations, simplifying data management, and accelerating project timelines. It's your platform for efficient customer engagement.


Effective partnerships

Forge strong partnerships with your customers through Carboledger. Collaborate seamlessly on sustainability projects and achieve shared goals effortlessly.

Leverage Carboledger to grow your business

Carboledger enables secure data sharing across supply chains, helping companies become transparent and maintain control over their data at the same time.